who we are


This organization begun in 2014 after meeting Mr mugwanya a poor man who had who had decided to help street kids by providing them with food and shelter within his simple home. Unfortunately he died before making change in the lives of these kids. Eventually we were found by Mutebe Naifu a Ugandan youth who was asked by Mr mugwanya to at least continue giving help to the children he had on his death bed.Mr mutebe vowed to implement on his ideals, so we begun with seven children in 2014 but now we support fifty (50-80)children and their families through our various programs. In all our work, we continue to maintain the personal community involvement that has become a trade mark of Help orphans Needy and Elderly Ugandan. We therefore feel proud of what we have done in terms of relationships with the community.



  • To reduce child related abuses like defilement among girls, domestic violence which is a big problem in eastern Uganda that has led to many children drop out of school.
  • To preach the gospel to the community in eastern Uganda.
  • To meet various basic needs of the disabled children, orphans, elderly people e.t.c e.g. through providing pads to the girls, clothes, medical treatment, food, shelter, education among others.
  • To support, promote and protect the interests and rights of the people through organizing of interactive and educational programs to the community at large.
  • To raise public awareness of human rights through education and training programs, workshops and conferences in order to improve the respect of law in relation to human rights.
  • To give refuge to the vulnerable people, street children,, widows, orphans among others.
  • To help the orphans, needy, elderly people, widows among others to overcome trauma which is caused by the torture they get out their like defilement, domestic violence e.t.c
  • To buy land for farming which will be a source of food for the children, disabled, elderly,widows among others.
  • To support young men and women who have suffered from domestic violence by providing them with counseling and alternative sources of income.
  • Promote modern agriculture within the community.



To reduce on child abuse, improve on the welfare and reach the love of Christ to the disabled, orphaned and elderly people in eastern Uganda.


To bring hope and improve the standards of living for the orphans, disabled, elderly and abused children in eastern Uganda by loving, caring, supporting aligned to the principles of God.