Donate To Support The Children

We thank you for your Continuous support of our mission to help orphaned children in Africa 

we have two options for donations

  1. one-time donation(custom amounts)
  2. continuous subscription($35/more)

we want to have the flexibility and options to meet your budget and to allow you contribute any amount

become the needy sponsor

with-monthly/annual donations

help us provide reliable support to more than 100 children in Africa who in real need for help and support.with a small monthly donation,we can provide services and shelter.

one -time donation

with your one time donation we can provide more supplies,services and more shelter for more than 100 children as per our  accountability for the current population and the future population expectancy.

annual donation

possibly with your annual donations we provide ultimate supplies,services and shelter to all the available population.




Donation on: +256702424467

monthly donation

as per the monthly accountability,we hopefully commit to provide equivalent services,shelter and supplies to more than 100 children.


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